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Shop for your very own BEMER medical device. This will change your life forever. This microvessel electromagnetic pulsation tool has 5 pattened signals that allow up to 30% more oxygen and 20% more lymphatic movement to happen in the body. The effects of using BEMER for the general protocol of 8 minutes twice a day will keep your body charged throughout the day. It can help with brain acquisition, digestive tract absorption of proteins, immune function via more mobilization of white blood cells through the blood, better endurance during sports and other forms of exercise, better sleep, soft tissue injury recovery and more. Read more behind the science, the business, BEMER and NASA's partnership, and testimonials on my website under the BEMER Therapy tab. You can shop for one at, or call me directly to help you order one and to answer any other questions you may have.


$4,890.00 Regular Price
$3,999.00Sale Price
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