Emotions and Your Nervous System

This article by provides the separation between our nervous system into conscious (motor activity) and unconscious/subconscious (emotions/hormonal side). The subconscious side is considered your autonomic nervous system with the two limbs: the sympathetic (fight/flight hormones) and parasympathetic (relaxation hormones). Massage helps to stimulate heart function and muscle activity or it can aid in relaxing muscles overused while slowing heart rate. It's great for improving digestion when working on the organs and abdominal muscles. The tendons are less tense, and in the case of tendonitis then swelling is able to be rid from promoting circulation to the lymph and blood. Allow your body to enrich it's self with rich oxygen, ridding stagnation of all the body systems. It will alert your thinking, it will aid your heart, it will calm the soul.

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Easy to find off-street parking on both Pleasant Avenue and 38th Street.