Meet and Support Local Artists that Decor the Office with Their Worldview

I want to share in supporting our community by inviting artists to show and sell their work in my office periodically. I will share a biography of each one as I change the installations. This part of my business allows me to show my personal passion to the arts and the talents of the people in my community to do what they love and be supported in our locale. If you are or know anyone who is an artist and would like to share their work, please contact me.

My latest artist is Andrew Braunberger. "Andrew Braunberger has been making images since he discovered his thumbs. He first began smearing soft pastels in high school and continued to love them through college at the University of North Dakota, graduating with a BA in Arts and Sciences through the Honors Program in 1992. He hasn't dropped them since. Many of his works are in acrylic and oil, often with soft pastels used on top of these other media. His colors are vibrant and interact with varying levels of opacity. Sometimes he dabbles in digital art, but enjoys the tactile experience of other media much more."

His work steals your soul and weakens the knees. Whether it's a heart warming feel to a little eerie emotional interaction, his work unravels something inside me and allows me to be transported. If anyone wants a great work of art for a holiday gift or just to fill a wall, please contact Andrew at 612-201-8026 and check out more of his work at His studio is open by appointment at the Sexton Lofts 521 S 7th Street Unit 101 Minneapolis, MN 55415.

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Center of Performing Arts Building

3754 Pleasant Ave #211

Minneapolis, MN 55409



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Easy to find off-street parking on both Pleasant Avenue and 38th Street.