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"Christa Byler knows her stuff. She untwists my muscles, soothes my aches, and restores my energy through her amazing healing hands. I don't even have to tell her what hurts. She has the skill and training to pinpoint the areas that need work. Highly recommend her work!!" -B.W.


NST/NMT (Neuromuscular technique)

Visceral Manipulation (Organ bodywork)

Myofascial Release (Unwinding tissues)

Cranial/Facial/TMJ (Jaw) Focus work

PNF Stretches and Active-Resistance Techniques (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)

Guasha/Graston Technique and tools

Trigger Point/Sports Massages

Pre and Post Natal (Pregnancy) Massages

30 minutes         $115.00

45 minutes         $140.00

60 minutes         $160.00

75 minutes         $200.00

90 minutes         $240.00

105 minutes       $280.00

120 minutes       $320.00

135 minutes       $360.00

150 minutes       $400.00


Bemer: Bioeletromagnetic Pulsation Medical Device Sessions

This device promotes bloodflow, more oxygen supply which allows the organs and the rest of our bodies to restore to healthier moving abilities. Used for tendon issues, blood circulation, nerve damage, brain vessel hemorrhages, brain function and alertness, heart issues and more.

30 Minute session               $35.00

Sales tax is extra to menu prices by 9.1%, unless a formal letter from a healthcare professional is given at time of appointment with dates of prescribed massage to waive the tax.

Meet Christa
Christa is a bodywork enthusiast due to involvement with multiple styles of dance, sports, yoga, jobs that have been physically demanding, and from injuries.  She started her pursuit in massage therapy in 2010 thinking that she would use her education as a building block to pursue physical therapy.  However, Christa has found refuge in bodywork and has decided that this is where her community needs her most. Her clientele ranges from professional dancers, athletes, chronic mental and physical illness individuals, people with sedentary jobs, service workers, and those with unfortunate whiplash and or impact injuries.  Christa is skilled with lessening or taking away people's migraines, concussions, TMJ pain, whiplash, pre and post natal bodywork for mothers and baby, Bell's Palsy, gaining back full range of motion in areas such as the neck, rotator cuff, hips and back. She uses a variety of techniques including structural integration and biophysics via Paul St. John's Neurosomatic therapy: postural and gait analysis, cranial/sacral decompression and rebalancing; myofascial release and unwinding; organ manipulation, and with the use of PNF (proprioception neuromuscular facilatation) active and passive stretching patterns.  Christa is eager to alleviate your body issues and to deduce where they are coming from.  "Prevention planning and maintaining a balanced structure is most important for a better quality of living."
Health and Wellness Blog


Many of my clients ask how to help themselves maintain better posture after a massage.  I will periodically be adding demonstration videos pertaining to common postural distortions and ways to stretch and strengthen muscles.  This blog is also for clients to ask me questions or share any insights one might have. I also will be sharing important articles and recommended books with advise from other healthcare professionals.  Massage and movement workshops in the future will be posted with more details!

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