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Welcome to Byler Bodywork and their message:


I am here to support and educate my clients. I am honored to be of service in treating the body from ailments, to increase wellness, and stabilize the structure so that function can happen in an orderly fashion. The goal is to listen and gather all necessary information from the client; see and chart one's posture; watch the gait and range of motion of limbs; touch/palpate the tissue to learn by feel; and lastly, treat adhered tissues, pinched nerves, ischemic areas, and promote bloodflow while supporting the autonomic nervous system.

Massage Menu


NST/NMT (Neurosomatic/neuromuscular technique)

Visceral Manipulation (Organ bodywork)

Myofascial Release (Unwinding tissues)

Cranial/Facial/TMJ (Jaw) Focus work

PNF Stretches and Active-Resistance Techniques (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)

Guasha/Graston Technique and tools

Trigger Point/Sports Massage

Pre and Post Natal (Pregnancy) Massage

  30 minutes        $115.00

             45 minutes        $140.00           

  60 minutes        $160.00

 75 minutes         $200.00

  90 minutes        $240.00

105 minutes        $280.00

120 minutes        $300.00


BEMER Therapy (electromagnetic pulsation tool for enhanced oxygen to the microveins/capillaries in circulation):

$35/30min or free with any massage service.

Sales tax is extra to menu prices by 9.1%, unless a formal letter from a healthcare professional is given at time of appointment with dates of prescribed massage to waive the tax.


"A phenomenal massage/bodywork therapist, Christa Byler draws on a wealth of knowledge of the body as a structure and on her ample experience as a bodyworker. Not only has she acquired exceptional, sophisticated, and cutting-edge education and training, but she also possesses keen instincts about how her clients' postural, movement, and pain patterns come together as pieces of a puzzle she can help solve. Christa is a cut above the rest." -J.C.

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