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NST/NMT (Neurosomatic/neuromuscular technique)

Visceral Manipulation (Organ bodywork)

Myofascial Release (Unwinding tissues)

Cranial/Facial/TMJ (Jaw) Focus work

PNF Stretches and Active-Resistance Techniques (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)

Guasha/Graston Technique and tools

Trigger Point/Sports Massage

Pre and Post Natal (Pregnancy) Massage

  30 minutes        $110.00

             45 minutes        $135.00           

  60 minutes        $158.00

 75 minutes         $185.00

  90 minutes        $210.00

105 minutes        $235.00

120 minutes        $260.00


BEMER Therapy (electromagnetic pulsation tool for enhanced oxygen to the microveins/capillaries in circulation):

$35/30min service

Sales tax is extra to menu prices by 8.3%, unless a formal letter from a healthcare professional is given at time of appointment with dates of prescribed massage to waive the tax.

"A phenomenal massage/bodywork therapist, Christa Byler draws on a wealth of knowledge of the body as a structure and on her ample experience as a bodyworker. Not only has she acquired exceptional, sophisticated, and cutting-edge education and training, but she also possesses keen instincts about how her clients' postural, movement, and pain patterns come together as pieces of a puzzle she can help solve. Christa is a cut above the rest." -J.C.

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