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About Christa

Specialties and Connections


Paul St. John Neurosomatic Therapy

Jean-Pierre Barral/Barral Institute

The International Alliance of Healthcare Educators

Erik Dalton/Dalton Myoskeletal

Since graduating from Anthem College in 2011, Christa has been taking advantage of ground breaking continuing education seminars; observing and training with therapists who have decades of training in their particular specialties; trades with therapists for techniques and criticism; and works with complementary health professionals, such as, acupuncturists, doctors, personal trainers, physical and occupational therapists, chiropractors, and energy workers. Christa is accredited as a National Board Certified Therapist of Bodywork and Massage, which only a small elite group of massage therapists achieve in a lifetime. She is planning to share the wealth of massage techniques in faciliatated group workshops to the public in the near future at the Center of Performance Art building.  Look to her blog for details or contact her if you are interested in participating in one.
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